Chew The Night

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 10.41.16 PM

Teeth grinding like they might start a fire.

Chew the night.


Done this before,

Hundreds of times.

Love saying “never again”,

not after last time,

but I always lie.


Vacant faces,

Darkness and lasers.


Chew the night,

molars are my holy rollers,

these zombies are all alike.


Pin-ups in push-ups,

Pitbulls at the ready.

Faded, forgetting, falling, sweating,

just keep it steady.


This might look like fun,

but an alternative is necessary.

Oppressing our imaginations,

we don’t know we’re being buried (alive).

Chew the fucking night.

Molly doesn’t have to ask for me,

she knows where I am (cunning).

That bitch owes me a lot of money,

what’s she done to my brain scan?